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Cottages​ to Castles, LLC 

What is mold? Why does it matter?

Mold is part of the natural environment. In nature mold plays an important part by breaking down dead organic matter such as fallen leaves and dead trees. However, mold growth is less common indoors. Mold reproduces by creating tiny spores. the spores are invisible to the naked eye and travel through outdoor and indoor air. Mold may begin growing indoors when a source of water is present (usEPA). Mold growth on surfaces may commonly appear as black, gray green or olive discoloration and more rarely white, yellow or other colors. 

Mold growth may damage clothes, shoes and furnishings, such as carpets, sofas and cabinets. In time, unchecked mold growth can cause significant damage to the structural elements in your home (CA dept. of Health services).

Mold, Your Health, & Your Home

If you are moving your family into a house, varying types of mold can have effects on your family’s health, whether they are allergic or not. While there are currently no EPA regulations or standards for airborne mold contaminants. Mold can cause infections, wreck havoc on immune systems, and cause other long term illnesses.

Types of Mold Test

Air Samples - Non-culturable spore trap samplers draw measured volumes of air through the sampling device for a specified length of time. The collection surface is a coated glass slide. Particles in the air (spores, dust, etc.) impact onto the sticky surface and are "trapped" for later lab analysis.

Swab Sample - Surface samples are taken by swabbing the suspect surface with a culturette swab. The lab then performs a direct microscopic examination on surface samples. 

The Lab we use - EMLab P&K is the leading commercial indoor air quality (IAQ) laboratory in North America, specializing in the analysis of air and surface samples for mold (fungi),asbestos, bacteria, radon, and allergens. They are affiliated with TestAmerica Laboratories Inc., recognized as the nation's leading environmental testing firm. With over 30 years experience in fungi and bioaerosol analysis, EMLab P&K has helped shape the IAQ industry. We maintain AIHA-LAP LLC, NVLAP, and CA-ELAP accreditations with a goal of providing the highest quality analysis and service in the industry.

Mold can have the following effects:

  • headaches and/or fever
  • coughing, wheezing
  • runny nose/sinus problems
  • ongoing flu-like symptoms
  • skin rashes
  • diarrhea
  • hypersensitivity,pneumonitis, asthma, or other immune responses

Let us discuss your options on mold testing, so you and your family can breathe easy